Frequently Asked Questions

How long before I will know if my application was successful?
We will contact you immediately if your application is successful. If you are not successful in the first round, we will keep your application on file, to be used for other organisations, when they become part of this fantastic initiative.
Will I be paid for the 3 months?
Not directly, the payment you would have received is used for the training expenses. You will not be paid in cash, but rather receive invaluable training, skills and work-experience.
Do I have to pay for the course?
The great news is that the course is free! It is part of SpecCon’s contribution to improving the chance for South African youths to be employed.
Will I find a job after this training?
SpecCon’s goal is to maximise your chance of getting a job. No, we cannot guarantee you will find a job after this training, but we will try our best to upskill you and advertise your skills. We will achieve this by bridging the gap between studies and the work environment to be better prepared to secure employment. We will also help you prepare a winning CV.
What happens after 3 months?
You will be placed on a database with scores, outlining how well you performed certain tasks and completed tests. Our clients will recruit from this database. Your manager will be listed as a referee on your CV and can be contacted for a reference.
Will SpecCon forget about me after 3 months?
Definitely not! We are dedicated to help you through this journey. We recruit over 400 delegates per year for learnerships and will only recruit from this database going forward.
What support will I get?
You will report to a full-time manager, who will sign off your work and mentor you through the program.
How is this different from any other program?
After 3 months you will understand what you previously did wrong in your job application process. You will understand where you need development and have resources to improve on these areas.
Should I have completed matric with specific courses to be able to enroll?
Only a matric certificate is required, it is not necessary to have studied or passed certain subjects.

Due to the demand-driven nature of the project, there is no specific field of study needed by the applicants. Host employers may indicate the qualifications needed to support their business operations, i.e. Logistics, Freight, HR, Finance, Administration, Call Centre, etc. and we will ensure that we forward the suitable candidates for on-the-job coaching.
What are the advantages for organisations to employ our learners?
One of the key characteristics of this WRP is its link with industry demands for specific skills. Organisations spend a substantial amount of time and money on the recruitment and selection process, to find the perfect candidates to meet their specific requirements. Graduates apply for positions with the expectation that they possess the skills required, but are often unsuccessful because they lack the employable skills and/or experience that employers are looking for.
Advantages for Organisations:
  1. No money is spent on a work readiness program;
  2. A significant amount of the recruitment cost is saved;
  3. The opportunity cost of lost time on the job.
In what format is the training?/ How is the training presented?
Training is provided on our e-Learning platform, which is comprised of several SETA aligned courses. This is not normal classroom training; you will need to have access to a computer and the internet to complete the courses.
Do I need access to a computer and the internet?
Yes, the courses are through our e-Learning platform and you need access to the Internet and a computer/laptop/tablet to complete the courses.
What skills will be improved on?
  1. Computer Skills (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Diversity
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Business Ethics
  6. CV Preparation
What is covered in the program?
  1. Introduction to computers
  2. MS Excel
  3. MS Word
  4. MS Outlook
  5. MS PowerPoint
  6. Communication Skills
  7. Diversity
  8. Conflict Management
  9. Business Ethics
  10. CV Preparation
  11. Mentorship and advice on the best type of job to apply for
  12. Mentorship and advice on the entire job application process
  13. Interview preparation and mock interviews
Are the skills SETA aligned?
Yes, most of the modules are.
What are the application requirements?
  1. Be aged between 18 and 29.
  2. Be the holder of a National Senior Certificate (Matric).
  3. Be a South African citizen.